Initiating anticoagulation

The risk of an AF-related stroke for people with AF can be substantially reduced by providing effective anticoagulation therapy to prevent the formations of clots in the heart.

They should also have their blood pressure and cholesterol carefully managed. Any patient receiving antiplatelet therapy should be reviewed and Aspirin or Clopidogrel monotherapy should not be used for stroke prevention. When considering initiation and/or monitoring of anticoagulation, consideration should be given to providing this service ‘closer to home’ in community settings and, if appropriate, the patient should be encouraged to self-monitor and self-manage their Warfarin dosing with the use of supporting technology. A community centred approach to delivering anticoagulation services has been shown to yield efficiency savings, reduce delays in initiation, improve patient satisfaction and improve adherence to treatment.

A community centred approach to delivering anticoagulation services has been shown to:

Yield efficiency

Reduce delays
in initiation

Improve patient

Improve adherence
to treatment

In this section, you will find a variety of resources to draw upon, including examples of AF patient pathways, service specifications and commissioning models for anticoagulation services. There are clinical tools to support decision-making both for clinicians and patients, such as the ‘Starting Anticoagulation with Jack’ video from Wessex AHSN.

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